We are a high energy traditional jazz band that can liven up just about any environment.  Yep, even that one. 

All band members have extensive experience in all situations - ranging from weddings to corporate functions to the world's greatest concert halls.  And of course everything listed on our About page.  

We always have fun on jobs, but take pride in being professional in every way.  We are always prompt and well prepared.  Guess that comes from the military background. 

We are available in several different formats.  We love to play as a 6-piece band, but can also play with any form of smaller combo - as small as a 2-piece.  We find that the sweet spots are either 4-piece or 6-piece - with 6-piece being our bread and butter.  

We provide a sound system that can fill most rooms.  If you need something more extensive we can also provide any sort of sound reinforcement you can dream of along with professional audio engineers.  Our sound system is incredible and you can hire us as your DJ if you want a more traditional dance party for your reception.

Give us a shout in the form below.  Let's make something happen. 

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