Hello!  My name is Tom Brown and I'm the one responsible for this mess. And it really is a mess.  On a good day it's a controlled mess I suppose. 

Some time ago a musician got sick and tired of playing a melody over and over again the exact same way.  So he messed with it. Then the guy next to him messed with it. And pretty soon everybody was in on the action. 

There are a thousand ways to create a controlled chaos with music.  Bach did it, Stravinsky did it, Jelly Roll Morton did it, Ornette Coleman did it.

Our band prefers the traditional New Orleans sound. Think Louis Armstrong, Pete Fountain, Harry Connick, The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, etc... it's a handful of guys all improvising the entire time with a loose set of guidelines to follow. Controlled chaos.

The guys in the band have played just about anywhere you can think of - Carnegie Hall, Preservation Hall, Lincoln Center, the orchestra hall in just about every major American city, presidential inaugurations, all 50 states, more countries than you can shake a stick at, and numerous jazz festivals.  Not only that, we've all played jam sessions, barbecues, churches, juke joints, dive bars, supermarkets, retirement homes, weddings, funerals, parades, and gigs long since forgotten.

Through some strange voodoo that I still don't really understand, we all ended up in New London, Connecticut and in January, 2018 decided to cut an album together. After listening back to the first few tracks it was obvious that this band had some sauce. 

So here we are making a run at it - sick of playing the melody the same way, and with hearts full of rhythm. And we'll keep playing until they turn the lights off, because there's not really any other choice, is there?